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10 Drawing Exercises to Boost your Creativity

Updated: Aug 9, 2023

Just like any skill, our creative abilities can also be polished and strengthened through regular practice. In this blog post, I will share ten exercises that will help you boost your creativity, expand your imagination, and get those creative juices flowing.

Let's dive in!

Art station

Exercise 1: A Doodle A Day

Feather Doodle

Grab a pen and paper, and embrace the art of doodling. Let your hand flow freely without any specific goals or expectations. Allow your mind to wander as you create spontaneous and imaginative patterns. Doodling helps to loosen up your artistic muscles and encourages free-flowing ideas.

Exercise 2: Random Word Association

Random word Doodles

Choose a random word or object, and let it guide your imagination. Let your mind create connections and associations with the word. Write down or sketch any ideas that come to you, no matter how abstract or unconventional they may seem. This exercise stimulates your brain to think outside the box.

Exercise 3: Embrace the Unexpected

Food Paint

Step out of your comfort zone and try a different medium or art technique. Explore acrylic paints if you usually work with watercolors, or experiment with mixed media collage if you mostly draw. Accepting the unexpected, stimulates fresh ideas and helps you break free from artistic routines.

Exercise 4: Limit Your Palette

Abstract painting

Choose a limited color palette and create an art using only those colors. By imposing such restrictions, you force yourself to think creatively and find new ways to convey your message or capture a scene.

This exercise inspires originality and experimentation.

Exercise 5: Monoline Drawing

Monoline Floral Art

Challenge yourself to draw an object or scene

using only one continuous line, without lifting

your pen or pencil. It forces you to think ahead,

plan your strokes, and simplify complex designs.

This exercise inspires a spontaneous and intuitive approach to drawing.

Exercise 6: Create a Collage

Abstract Collage

Grab an old magazine or newspaper and gather a variety of images, textures, and materials.

Cut them out and create a collage that tells a

story or conveys an emotion. The act of combining different elements challenges your creativity and allows you to explore new visual narratives.

Exercise 7: Observational Drawing

Flower drawing

Take a minute to carefully observe an everyday object like any fruit, a coffee cup, or a flower. Pay attention to the details like its shape, texture, highlights and shadow. Practice drawing the object with accuracy, capturing its essence and details. This practice sharpens your observation skills and improve your hand-eye


Exercise 8: Blind Contour Drawing

Blind contour drawing

Grab a pen and paper. Now select any object or subject and try to draw it without looking at your paper. Keep your eyes fixed on the object while your hand follows its outlines. Blind contour drawing boosts your observation skills, inspires you to see shapes and lines more precisely, and results in unique and expressive artworks.

Exercise 9: Create a Visual Journal

Travel Journal

Start a pictorial journal where you can document your thoughts, ideas, and any observations through sketches, doodles, collages, and writings. You can even make it a Travel journal to document your memories, different places you visited and different cultures that inspired you. Feel free to use it as a safe space to experiment, and reflect your art journey. This practice fosters self-expression and serves as a valuable

source of inspiration.

Exercise 10: Collaborative Art

Mandala coloring

Collaborate with another artist or even a

non-artist friend. Exchange artworks or

add your unique touch into each other's

creations. This exercise spurs new perspectives

and ideas, and it pushes you to adapt and

respond to the work of others.

Start Today!

Get those juices flowing is with these good, old-fashioned creativity exercises. By incorporating these into your practice, you can boost your artistic mind, overcome creative blocks, and discover new creative directions. Remember, Creativity is a muscle, and like any muscle, it needs exercise. Use these exercises as opportunities for growth and enjoy the journey of exploring your endless imagination.

Happy creating!


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