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7 fun and easy floral doodle ideas for your bullet journal

Updated: Mar 14

Drawing flowers is one of my favorite ways to decorate my bullet journal spreads.

I started journaling during the lockdown of 2020. I found it to be an amazing method to organize my thoughts.

I get a lot of inspiration from the pretty flowers around me. I find their shapes, and their compositions to be fascinating. That’s why I like to incorporate flower art into my bullet journal as it suffices me both as a planner and a creative outlet.

If you too are a flower lover like me, get on board as I am about to share some super easy floral doodle ideas that you can use to spark some creativity in your journal.

I love to break down my flower drawings into step-by-step guides, making them super easy to follow. Go ahead and use them to decorate your journal and don't forget to share them on Instagram and tag me in your beautiful creations. Instagram Handle -@artsybeats

My favorite Journaling Supplies

It just seems right to share my best bullet journal supplies before moving on to anything else.

When starting your first bullet journal, you need only a notebook and a pencil/pen. You can make it as simple as you want and use a single pen to fill your journal with doodles. But perchance you want to invest a little bit in your productivity and organization, something as simple as a small set of pens and a notebook upgrade can make a huge difference.


The notebook is the bedrock of your whole journaling journey, so I highly suggest you get a notebook that you love. Here are some of my favorites.


Black illustration pens are another must-have tool when it comes to sketching doodles in your journal. Here are some of my favorites.

Color Markers

Different color shades, when used correctly can impart varied emotions to your creative journey. Having a set of your favorite color markers by your side when doodling in your journal, can make your journaling quite joyful and impactful. Here are some of my most used color pens.

Washi tapes

If you feel like going creatively wild and decorating your journal some more, you can use these colorful and amazing washi tapes. Trust me, it will give your journal a flare of fun. Sharing some botanical-inspired tapes that I mostly use.

Now you know all the basic supplies you need to start your bullet journal journey.

It's time to dive a little deep and start filling the journal with some floral doodle magic.

1. Floral doodles

2. Leafy doodles

3. Plant doodles

4. Succulent doodles

5. Floral corners

6. Floral wreaths

7. Floral Dividers

I hope you find these ideas helpful and that they will make your journaling expedition more enjoyable. Now go out there and rock your bullet journal!

What are your favorite flower doodles to draw in your bullet journal? Tell me in the comments!!! Maybe I can get some suggestions to make some more tutorials.

Want to take your Botanical drawing to the Next Level?

Check out my eBooks! With these step-by-step guides and practice worksheets, you'll have plenty of inspiration to go around.

Each guide comes with in-depth lessons and step-by-step instructions to help grow your skills and fill your journal with incredible botanical art doodles. It will surely help you boost your confidence and make progress toward your creative goals.

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