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How to draw Gerbera Daisy flower - step by step tutorial

Updated: Jul 18, 2023

Welcome to this step-by-step tutorial to illustrate a Gerbera daisy flower!

Thank you for letting me share my love for drawing with you.

Gerberas Daisies are vibrantly colored and symbolize purity and innocence. They embrace our lives with happiness and gorgeous hues, and so they symbolize joy, beauty, and cheerfulness.

Basic supplies :



Drawing Paper

I have used Sakura micron Pigma (archival ink pens) in this tutorial.

Feel free to use whatever tools and materials you like the most.

I recommend drawing with a pencil first, as you can easily erase the mistakes if any.

I have also shared an easy to use pdf worksheet, which you can download for free and print to practice drawing this Gerbera Daisy flower! Hurray! Enjoy!

Download your free worksheet here!

Practice Worksheet - Gerbera Daisy - ArtsyBeats
Download PDF • 10.26MB

Let's Start !

Step 1. Begin by drawing three concentric circles of different radius as shown. We will use these circles as our guideline to define the edges of different parts of the daisy(center part, petals etc.)

Step 2. Now start sketching the front layer of petals with the pencil. According to our circular guidelines, add the petals only in the outermost circle.

Remember to keep some gaps in between the petals, as afterward, we will add some petals in the background to give an effect of depth in our illustration.

Step 3. Go ahead and now add some more petals in between the gaps. These petals should appear as the petals which are behind the first layer.

To give a more realistic look to the flower, try creating petals that vary in size. But try to maintain a similar shape for all the petals.

Step 4. Continue to add more petals in a similar pattern, till you are happy with the overall flower structure.

It's time to add line shading details to our daisy flower illustration.

Step 5. Using a pen/fine liner, fill the innermost circle area of our guideline with a lot of stippling dots.

To learn more about basic line shading techniques, check out my previous blog post.

Step 6. Now to give more depth to the illustration, fill the middle circle area of our guideline with some scribbling lines.

Relax your hand grip and start making some scribbling lines with different loops and variety.

Step 7. Now using a thicker pen/fine liner add outline to all the petals.

Step 8. Lastly, using the hatching technique, start adding shading details to the petals. Remember to follow the curved shape of the petals while shading.

Step 9. Now go ahead and remove all the pencil marks and guidelines, to give our illustration a finished look.


Check out the full step-by-step video here!


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