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The 38 Bach Flowers are a group of flowers identified by Dr. Edward Bach in the 1930s. Along with having a pretty structure, these flowers have remedial properties as well.


This pdf will help you to understand the structure of these bach flowers. 

It guides you through step-by-step lessons which are very easy to follow and will allow you to draw all 38 bach flowers with ease.


Specifically designed with easy-to-follow steps, so anyone can understand and draw easily.


Some basic line shading tips are also included which you can use to add depth and shading to your line drawings.

Practice sheets and tracing guides are also given at the end of each lesson which you can use to exercise several times.

You can print the pages you’d like to try out or import them into your favorite drawing app.

I have included my drawing methods for all below listed Bach flowers;


1. Centaury
2. Rock Rose 
3. Wild Rose 
4. Star of Bethlehem 
5. Wild Oat 
6. Heather 
7. Walnut 
8. Chicory 
9. Vine 
10. Impatiens 
11. Mimulus 
12. Cherry Plum 
13. Clematis 
14. Crab Apple 
15. Scleranthus 
16. Gentian 
17. Cerato 
18. Water Violet 
19. Agrimony
20. Vervain
21. Red Chestnut 
22. White Chestnut
23. Pine 
24. Gorse 
25. Holly 
26. Beech 
27. Aspen
28. Chestnut Bud
29. Sweet Chestnut
30. Hornbeam 
31. Olive 
32. Honeysuckle
33. Mustard 
34. Larch 
35. Elm 
36. Oak
37. Willow 
38. RockWater


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How to draw Bach Flowers - 38 Step By Step Guides - Printable worksheets

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